Top 10 Whitening Facial Kits in Pakistan in 2023:

 Top 10 Whitening Facial Kits in Pakistan in 2023:

Top 10 Whitening Facial Kits in Pakistan in 2023:


Looking for the Best Facial Kits in Pakistan 2023? Explore our list of the Best Whitening Facial Kit in Pakistan, along with the ability to compare Best Facial Kit Price in Pakistan 2023.

Facials at home can be intimidating, but travelling to a salon isn't always practical due to time and financial constraints. But don't worry; with an incredible at-home facial kit in Pakistan, you'll be able to have glowing salon smooth skin in the comfort of your own house!

Price List of the Best Facial Kits in Pakistan:

• The Golden Pearl Whitening Facial Kit costs Rs.600 WB. The Hemani Facial Kit costs Rs. 700.

• Price of Ever Green Whitening Facial Kit: Rs. 799

• Derma Shine Facial Kit costs Rs. 1,299 in India.

• Miss Touch Brightening Facial Kit is available for Rs. 1,999.

• The Glamourous Facial Kit costs Rs. 2,995.

• The Dermacos Facial Kit costs Rs. 3,225.

• The VestiGo Whitening Facial Kit costs Rs. 950.

• The Himalaya Facial Kit costs Rs. 750.

• Miss Touch 24k Gold Facial Kit retails for Rs. 775.

Where Can I Find Facial Kits in Pakistan?

Daraz Pakistan sells Facial Kits online. Daraz is the best online store in Pakistan to buy Facial Kits.

How much does a Facial Kit cost in Pakistan?

The price of a facial kit in Pakistan:

•  starts at 525 PKR. The cheapest Facial Kit in Pakistan in 2023 is Rs. 525 at

• What is the best brand of facial kit in Pakistan?

• Derma Shine facial kit for Rs. 1,249 is the best facial kit brand in Pakistan.

Which facial kit is best for radiant skin?

Miss Touch Vitamin C facial kit for Rs. 1,999 is the best facial kit for shining skin in Pakistan.

1) Step Hemani Facial Kit by WB:

• Hemani Facial Kit is an excellent choice for individuals looking for something quick and effective.

• It includes three items for cleansing and exfoliating your skin:

• This is a simple daily routine that can be readily implemented. And, at less than Rs.1,000, it is one of the best facial kits in Pakistan!

Hemani Facial Kit product details:

Moisturising Face Wash with Olive Extract Smoothing Berry Burst Facial Scrub Cucumber and Aloe Vera Pebble Soap.

Whitening Facial Kit with Golden Pearls:

The Golden Pearl Facial Kit is a fantastic value. This youngster has everything you'll need for a deep facial to revitalise your skin. Cleanse your face, exfoliate it, and then treat it with calming clay masks, skin polish, and softening and brightening toners, creams, and serums to achieve the ultimate glow! This product is thus one of the top face kits for shining skin in Pakistan.

Golden Pearl Facial Kit Specifications:

Glow Boosting Toner Ultra Brightening Massage Cream Glow Boosting Cream Serum Perfect Glow Cleanser Radiance Boosting Scrub Organic Clay Mask Skin Polishing Pack with Lavender, Eucalyptus, and Tea Tree Oil Glow Boosting Cream Serum.

Whitening Facial Kit by Ever Green:

Tired of having an uneven tan on your skin? Do you want to return to your natural skin tone? The Ever Green Whitening facial kit works quickly to eliminate any artificial blackness created by sunlight, dryness, or a lack of care, making it one of the best facial kits for dark skin in Pakistan.

Ever Green Whitening Facial Kit Specifications:

• Cleaner with multiple functions

• Scrub with a white glow

• Skin lightening polish

• Mud mask that whitens the skin

• Massage cream with pineapple

Skin Shine Facial Kit:

Derma Shine is a terrific facial package if you want to give your skin a boost and help it de-stress after a long day in the sun. This comprehensive package places Derma Shine among the top whitening face kits in Pakistan.

Derma Shine Facial Kit Specifications:

• Whitening Active White Face Wash Whitening Scrub Whitening Massage Cream Whitening Skin Polisher Whitening Skin Hydrating Facial Mask.

Brightening Facial Kit by Miss Touch:

Do you want to have bright skin? Miss Touch Brightening Facial Kit is Pakistan's best facial kit for shining, bright skin. The secret component is Vitamin C, which contains anti-oxidants and gives your skin a healthy, fresh glow, making this product one of the best top facial kits in Pakistan.

Miss Touch Brightening Facial Kit Specifications:

• Cleanser with Vitamin C

• Scrub with Vitamin C

• Vitamin C Face Polisher Vitamin C

• Face Mask

• Massage Cream with Vitamin C

Glamorous Facial Kit:

Looking for beautiful, silky skin? The Glamorous facial package includes a skin polish as well as a mud mask to give you an extra burst of pampering and leave you looking your best! That is what places dazzling face among the top ten facial kits in Pakistan.

Glamorous Facial Kit Specifications:

• Cleanser that foams up instantly

• Skin illuminating polish

• Soft exfoliating whitening scrub

• Massage Cream to Calm

• Mask made with Dead Sea Mud

Facial Kit from Dermacos:

Dermacos facial kit is one of the most popular facial kits in Pakistan, offering a wide range of items to help you look salon-ready from the comfort of your own home. That makes their product line one of the best skin whitening face kits in Pakistan.

Dermacos Facial Kit Specifications:

• Grey Cream Cleanser Blond

• Brightener Guava Glow Scrub Multi

• Vitamin Cream Clay Grey Lotion

• Smoothing Toner Skin Gloss Blond Activator

VestiGo Facial Whitening Kit:

Do you want to have a creamy, bright, and smooth complexion with only natural ingredients? The VestiGo whitening face kit is the ideal solution for you. This facial kit has 8 different creams that will give you a brightening shine without causing any allergic reactions. VestiGo herbal facial cream package is appropriate for all skin types, including dull, dry, ageing, and sensitive skin.

VestiGo Whitening Facial Kit Product Details:

Avocado Massage Cream Mud Mask Cream Facial Brightener Powder Cleansing Cream Whitening Scrub Skin Polish Mint Double Action Cream Oxidising Emulsion

Product Details of VestiGo Whitening Facial Kit:

• Avocado Massage Cream

• Mud Mask Cream

• Facial Brightener Powder

• Cleansing Cream

• Whitening Scrub

• Skin Polish

• Mint Double Action Cream

• Oxidizing Emulsion

Himalaya Herbal Facial Treatment Kit:

Himalaya facial kit is a 5-step programme that effortlessly provides radiant, fresh, and wrinkle-free skin. The positive feedback from verified purchasers on Daraz suggests that this facial kit is suitable for all skin types, including oily and acne-prone skin. So, if you're seeking for the best facial kit for oily skin in Pakistan, the Himalaya facial kit is a must-have.   

Himalaya Facial Kit Specifications:

Face Mask Skin Polish Massage Cream Scrub Double Action Cleanser

24k Gold Miss Touch Facial Kit:

Miss Touch is a well-known facial brand in Pakistan, and its 24k gold facial package promises to make your skin shine like a diamond. The six-step facial procedure enables you to have a premium facial at home that is comparable to an expert bridal facial.

Himalaya Facial Kit Specifications:

•  Gold Cleanser Gold Bleach Cream

• Gold Scrub & Massage

• Gold Skin Polish, Gold Mask, and Gold Toner.

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